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Permanent Waves - are they in Style?
by Doris Möller


We all know that hairstyles go out of style. Years ago the Afro look was very popular. If you had straight hair you needed a permanent wave in order to create the "wash and wear" Afro look. Having your hair curly is just one way of incorporating a permanent wave in your hairstyle. Although the Afro is no longer fashionable, you can still make straight hair curly with a permanent wave and be in style.

Permanent waves have not gone out of style because they are timeless. Women who have straight hair are thankful that the permanent wave exists. (Even if a permanent wave would not be in style people with no body in their hair would still need it). There is nothing that equals the effectiveness of a permanent wave for body and volume. Having a permanent can make a world of difference between looking uninteresting and looking beautiful. It is also a bonus not to have to do your hair every day.

With a permanent wave you can have any hairstyle you want. Once your hair is styled it will not look like your hair has been permed. (Unless you prefer a "wash and wear" look). This is especially true if your hair is professionally blow-styled.

When you visit your hair salon give yourself another hour and a half and have get a permanent wave. It's not complicated. (see article: "Facts about Getting a Good Hair Perm" on this Web site).

Can you tell that each of these women's hair is permed?

Hair Perm and Lowlights -- Hair Perm and Highlights------ Hair Perm and Permanent Haircolor.
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